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The Trojan Boosters Endowment (TBE) began on April 4, 1988, when Trevecca Nazarene University president Dr. Homer J. Adams and TBE founder-president J. Dwight Ragsdale signed the founding document. The agreement provided that the corpus of the endowment would never be spent, but invested; it also stated that when that corpus reached $100,000, a portion of the interest earned would be awarded as athletic scholarships. Today these scholarships are divided equitability among all sports at Trevecca.


Participants in the Endowment come from two groups. Persons who contribute a minimum of $1,000 to the Endowment are known as Fellows. Persons who pledge to pay the full $1,000 within five years and contribute a minimum of $100 are Fellows-in-Progress. As of January 2015, TBE has172 Fellows and 34 Fellows-in-Progress.


These persons are "Investors" in student-athletes at Trevecca. "The Endowment is an excellent way for persons to invest in the lives of college students!" says Ragsdale. "I always tell people that their investment in the Trojan Boosters Endowment will become an investment in every student athlete who receives one of these scholarships from Trevecca, from now until Jesus returns. The Trojan Boosters Endowment is truly "an investment that lasts forever," Ragsdale explains.


The TBE also raises additional funds through its annual Trojan Boosters Endowment Golf Scramble. The 23rd Trojan Boosters Endowment scramble is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2015, at Montgomery Bell State Park. Visit for details.


TBE members are excited about the help they have been able to give students. As of January 24, 2015, the TBE had contributed $340,414 in scholarships to Trojan athletes. The total in the corpus is now more than $663,274 and the corpus continues to earn interest for additional scholarships.


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Ragsdale wants to see the fund reach one million dollars; when it reaches that goal, the total of awarded annually (still at the 4.5% rate) will be at least $45,000. He says, "I am always happy to talk to persons who are interested in becoming part of this important effort to ensure that Trevecca has adequate scholarships to attract outstanding athletes. Being part of the Trojan Boosters Endowment is a way to bless the lives of others."