Trojan Boosters Endowment
The Trojan Boosters Endowment became a reality on April 4, 1988, when Dwight Ragsdale and then Trevecca President Homer Adams signed the papers forming the endowment. Funds are raised in several ways including the annual golf tournament and a men's basketball tournament.

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To date, there has been $198,326.00 awarded as athletic scholarships and currently there is more than $470,744.00 in the corpus earning interest for additional scholarships.
There are 150 Fellow, 35 Fellows-in-Progress and 20 Fellows-in-Memorial.
If you would like more information about the Trojan Boosters Endowment Fund, participate in the annual golf tournament (the Saturday following Labor Day), or be a sponsor of the annual basketball tournament contact Dwight Ragsdale. Phone 615.797.3552 - email